Small Loans for Big Moments

What is EQL?

EQL provides small dollar interest-free lending to help American working families and individuals access and improve their credit.

Problem we want to solve

Access to credit for basic needs becomes expensive when you’re early in your career, a low wage earner, or have little higher education - impacting people of color and women disproportionately.

Our Vision

Our goal is to use our background in deep tech to help improve economic outcomes of those disproportionately financially impacted by financial institutions.

The way we do this is by first providing small uncomplicated loans with zero fees and zero interest.

We help our users navigate financial complexity with modern tools that help them budget and balance recurring bills, reinforcing good financial discipline with gamification.

Our passion is to even the playing field by converting paycheck-to-paycheck behavior into asset-owning behavior.

We exist to disrupt the toxic high-interest lending industry

Americans have thin to NO credit
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The Team Making it Happen

Eddie DeGuia
Previously founded PubNative a mobile native platform and ad exchange, which exited to Media and Games Invest (MGI). At EQL, Eddie drives the growth of product, sales and people.
Stefan Wille
Previously Deputy CFO at Revolut. At EQL Stefan drives finance and business intelligence.
Paul Pierre
Paul co-founded and scaled a Silicon Valley mobile gaming startup with an exit to GREE. At EQL Paul drives technical infrastructure and product strategy.
Tino Purmann
Worked at the intersection of AI and financial services. He makes everything run behind the scenes.

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